10 best SEO advices in 2020

Everybody has a question what are the best SEO strategies they should apply for their business in 2020. That’s why we prepare top 10 based on our experience with our clients and that works best for keeping you competitive in the organic search results.

1. Brand

Do not stop working on improving your personal or company brand. You should know that, doesn’t matter if we are already 2020 Google still loves strong recognized brands and this will never change. David Naylor said it right – “Google loves brands – build one.”

"Google loves brands - build one"

David Naylor

2. Written content

Even if Google changed its algorithms on a daily basis and many people say content is not anymore, the most important part of SEO this is not really true specially for business that operates internationally

.You might have a great piece of content written in English but is not necessary that content is popular or well written for people who live in different countries

.We choose 2 keywords in our niche for example.

With Google Trends we decide to make a small experiment to support our statement with the keywords “digital marketing” and “online marketing”. We conduct the search in the USA and in Germany and here is what we found.
Google Trends
Google Trends
The keyword “digital marketing” dominate the USA market but in Germany “online marketing” is much more searchable. Is very important to write your content in the right way for your audience which means do not stop improving it.

3. Video Content

Google love video content because simply people prefer to watch a video than read a long form of contents. Save them time and is much more entertaining for assimilate the information than any other format. Producing video content for your company is highly recommended for your business. Neil Patel himself has over 500 videos in his YouTube channels and over 500,000 followers because people love watching videos.
Neil Patel YouTube channel

Be aware of the fact that YouTube videos get indexed in a matter of hours; written content takes months to get indexed in most locations.

4. Press

Most of the “marketing experts” will tell you that press release is not that strong as its use to be, but we can argue a lot on this topic. Placing yourself or your brand in the press will help you reach more people who will learn about you or your business or you will just make your brand stronger in the eyes of your existing customers or potential prospects. Giving interview for high reputable magazine can only help you build the image of your brand and gain trust in Google that you are credible source of information in your niche. This signal to Google will help you claim a bit the stairs for a better ranking.

5. Backlinks

Keep building backings to your website but consider only quality of backlinks. Focus in building them with partners in your niche or related business to yours.

It will not make sense If you are selling for example digital transformation services to large enterprises and the restaurant in your neighborhood give you a backlink. It doesn’t make sense to Google as well, so keep yourself out of the spam and stay focus in building related to your business backlinks.

6. User Experience

Even if we place it at position “6” for us this is one of the most important elements in getting better ranking in the search results.

Always put yourself in your potential customers and ask yourself how to improve their journey in your website, social media profiles, while reading your content, watching your video and so on.
Do not forget that your customer will buy if its only happy and the only thing that can make him leave without spending money is a bad experience with you.

7. Voice Search

In the last couple of years Google keeps improving its voice search and honestly is working.

More and more people are using voice search because it makes it easier and faster for them. No need to focus in the screen to type a long sentence, to correct typos and so on when they can just say it for a matter of seconds.

Improve your content and make it compliant with Google Voice search.

8. Visual Search

Did you know that there is a visual search technology?

Yes, there is!

Millions of people start using Google Lens to conduct searches for some things they need like clothes, flower type, similar products, animals and not last – brands.

In fact, Google Lens was used over a 1 billion times in the past 12 months and Pinterest gets over 600 million visual searches. Over 40% of Americans have tried visual search as well so keep working on new technology and do not let the competition work harder than you on the SEO side.

9. Click Through Rate (CTR)

Make your headings, titles and description appealing. Make visual appear in the best possible way so people will get attracted to click on it.

People are asking always their SEOs why the organic traffic is going down month over month. Well if you notice Google is full of ads or direct result that Google pull out from a website and basically 3-5 pages show in the first page.

So, make people click on your result with appealing headings because the only way to take over the rest is if people click more on your link.

10. User engagement

What we witness with all of our customers who focus in building community and engagement helps them skyrocket their organic rankings.

Make your engaged with you and your business with directing them to write a comment, share your content, engage in the social media and so on.

This is highly valuable for the search engines and mostly Google because they just love this signal. If people stay with your business in various places means they love it so, Google will be kind enough to boost your ranking in the search results.

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      If you have small, medium to large business or your are just
      starting something new, let us know so we can help you scale!

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        If you have small, medium to large business or your are just
        starting something new, let us know so we can help you scale!

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