10 SEO Ideas to Increase your
Sales within 3 Months

With customer preferences and buying habits rapidly evolving, businesses must learn to adapt, improve, and innovate the way they execute their strategies. 

One of the most effective ways of getting sales is to market to your audience and show them that you’re operating and ready to serve them. 

You can do this by making sure you’re reaching them with the right marketing strategy. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is found to be a necessity for businesses to get over walls and difficulties in growth. 

It is also one of the best ways to get to your audience where they are and when they need it the most. 

If you want to increase your sales in a few months, then you have to strategize and maximize the potential of SEO for your business along with other marketing and sales strategies. 

Here are some of the things you do for your business to rank higher on the search results. 

1. Do a Site Audit

First things first. This is an imperative move in SEO strategies. This keeps you from all the guesswork and helps pinpoint the critical areas where you need to improve.

You don’t need to be afraid of auditing your website for SEO. Beginners can make simple audits and experienced SEO masters can do a site-wide check to see technicalities that can help improve your reach.

2. Find Out What Your Audience is Looking For

In other words, what words are they typing on the search bar? Once again, you have a basic approach, or you can go the road less traveled and go full technical on this.

You can either use your common sense and ask yourself what they are looking for. Others employ surveys and customer evaluations to ask searchers directly.

Once you have listed several questions, figure out popular ways in which people search for businesses, especially ones like yours. This way, you can fine-tune the keywords you will use to match what your audience is looking for.

3. Optimize Your Landing Pages

This is where you can gain an edge over your competition. It has been found that most B2B companies do not utilize this step for their SEO strategy.

The landing page is the page where a user will first touch base with you. Users can visit these by clicking an ad or a link in your newsletter. Where they land is crucial because your goal is to retain them and get them to purchase.

There are a lot of ways you can optimize where they land. Just make sure that all these are tied together to tell a story and make the user see the value they get when they buy into you.

optimized landing page

4. Improve User Experience Throughout Your Site

This may not be focused on keywords, but it will increase the time spent on your website which is also a ranking factor.

Google has been creating new algorithms that focus on the way people interact with websites which helps keep black hat strategies at bay.

For this step, when the spiders (i.e. Google’s tools that crawl webpages) see that most users who land on your page tend to stick, that is a sure sign that you are providing your users with value and you will be crawled higher up the search results.

5. Create Valuable and Irresistible Content

Another way you can make your users dwell on your website for longer periods is to provide them with content that solves their problems.

There is no shortcut to great content, which is why you should pay more attention to what you are putting out. You can make blogs and videos your bread-and-butter content, but don’t just stick with that. There are plenty of ways to make great content.

6. Optimize Voice Search

More and more people are using voice search. And as they welcome this new technology as part of their digital habit, then you should get ahead of the competition by utilizing this to your advantage.

But how do you optimize your website for voice search? Here are some tips:

  • Use long-tail keywords
  • Use organized and structured data
  • Increase local presence

7. Prioritize Local Searchers

You don’t need to butt heads with the big boys especially if you’re a local enterprise. There is more advantage in localizing your reach and content because you can create a better connection and loyalty this way.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your local scene and promote your local hours. When people see your information on the search results, they will feel more inclined to go to your store than others.

8. Design for Mobile First

Did you know that half of online purchases are made on mobile? That’s enough reason for you to optimize your website to work well for mobile browsing. 

According to this article by Business Insider, M-Commerce or mobile commerce is definitely on the rise. It is defined as “shopping through a mobile device (typically a smartphone), while e-commerce involves shopping online through your computer.” 

As it is easier than ever now to shop using your phone, users are naturally predisposed to just use it for online shopping, instead of turning on their laptops or computers, or going to the store physically to buy their goods. 

9. Create Great Backlink Profile

Backlinks are still a great way to get on top of the search results. Link building and connecting with authoritative and older websites still provide SEO juice your website can benefit from. 

This video from SEO expert Brian Dean can explain how you can leverage on backlinks from authoritative sites as he uncovers 9 strategies for viewers. 

10. Measure and Adjust Accordingly

If you are looking to increase sales in a few months, then you have to always check the results of your efforts. Don’t just build it and leave it. Make sure that you are adjusting where it needs to change and improve what’s effective.

There are plenty of ways to do SEO which makes some people think that it’s a complicated and technical skill you need to master by studying it for years.

You have to stop there and know that SEO is simple. And because it is simple, that’s what makes it effective.

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      If you have small, medium to large business or your are just
      starting something new, let us know so we can help you scale!

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        If you have small, medium to large business or your are just
        starting something new, let us know so we can help you scale!

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