Best Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

There’s nothing like finally leaving the desk you’ve worked on for years and getting your table and starting your dream startup.

But there’s always a catch. The thing is, reality is not always that nice. Sometimes you have to give it a shove for it to get going.

One of the best ways you can do this is to focus on marketing your startup. And with the available technology nowadays, going for it digitally is the key to drawing crowds to your business.

Wait, is digital marketing for me?

You don’t need to be intimidated by the word digital marketing because it simply means any marketing that exists online. And with the number of people online, it’s the best place for you to promote and reach out to your audience.

Another reason is that there are plenty of tools available that can help you get results and analyze them so that you can tweak them further. Plus, wouldn’t it be cool to say that you’re doing your marketing especially if it’s something that people immediately recognize?

With that said, here are some of the best digital marketing tips that a startup like yours can employ.

1. Tell Your Brand Story

People nowadays are more and more inclined to follow a brand that provides them with interactive experiences and makes it easy for them to engage with you should they have questions or suggestions.

You can do this effectively by telling your brand story.

Story what now?

As Seth Godin puts it, marketing is at the core of your business and it is all about the story you tell.

You can find your story in what you care about. If you care about it, then that’s a story.

  • If you care how you started your business and the risk you took, tell that to your audience.
  • If you care about the product or the service you render, tell them about it.
  • If you care about your employees and your culture, that’s a story.

If you can tell something about your business that will capture your audience’s interest, then you’re doing marketing right.

A great example of this would be TOMS’ brand story, the popular shoe maker that started out giving a pair of shoes for every pair they sell. Fast forward to today, they’re one of the leading shoe brands in the world, but they didn’t flinch on their advocacy as they’re now giving $1 for every $3 earned.

2. Create Content

This is the result of knowing the story you want to tell.

The definition of content is hard to find but what it is all around us daily. In marketing, content is anything you put out.

That includes this piece of article. A blog is considered content. Texts, images, videos, audio, any media is considered content.

But that doesn’t mean you have to just go out and put out anything you want to your audience. It has to have coherence and a strategy that can lure them further into knowing what you are all about.

Content marketing is a proven effective means of connecting with your audience and creating a lasting relationship with them.

The medium you use is going to be critical in amplifying the message. So, it is not about the medium, it is about what you want to say.

3. Get on Social Media

This may not come as a surprise to many. But if you want to have an effective digital marketing campaign, you have to go on social media.

You don’t need to go to the most obscure and niche ones. You can get on even just one and you can get away with it. Just be sure to be strategic and consistent in your posting.

In a post by We Are Social Media, it has been found that 29% of people on social media use this to research new products to buy. That is a ripe opportunity for startups right there.

All you need to do now is to create a strategy and campaign to capture those audiences.

4. Know which social media platform is right for you

Going on social media and getting a presence there is just one part – the other is actually knowing which platform is great for your brand and customers.

Utilizing video to your advantage is a good strategy that can prove to have a lot of ROI in the immediate future.

For instance, a younger demographic will point you to social media sites such as Snapchat or TikTok, while Facebook nets you more of the Millennial – Gen X – and Boomer demographic. And that’s just checking on the age. You also have to check if you’re targeting the right platform in the right country.

If you’re shipping your product and selling to Korea for instance, you’ll be surprised to find an entirely different social media landscape there!

5. Create Videos

Everyone’s guilty of this. 85% of internet users in the US watch videos monthly on different devices. We watch a boatload of videos every day because it is easy to digest, entertaining, and engaging. It is also easy to share and access across different channels.

Utilizing video to your advantage is a good strategy that can prove to have a lot of ROI in the immediate future.

6. Email Marketing

Don’t forget one of the most effective ways of marketing today: email. You can send out newsletters, personalized emails, or coupons to your store. It is a great way to talk to your audience on a personal level.

Of course, using this will entail some bit of risk, so make sure to do it in good taste so that you don’t alienate your brand from your audience.

7. Attend events (online or off)

From online meetups and webinars to expos and conventions, you can make your startup’s presence known through networking events.

But, you shouldn’t just attend any ordinary event – they should be events that cater to your specific niche or industry. You can easily find these events on Facebook, or by going on online forums dedicated to your line of business.

Not only will you meet a network of potential customers, you can also expand your business through stakeholder meetups, and emulate some of the best practices that your competitors are doing.

If you can afford it, try to co-sponsoring an event. An event sponsorship is a great way to make your name known to attendees of an event that targets your specific niche. Not only will you support an event within your industry, you’re also creating awareness about your brand at the same time.

8. Market yourself via Guest Blogging

You can do this in a myriad ways, but one of the most cost-effective ways is to do some guest blogging.

With guest blogging, you can share your novel insights and ideas to your industry. Try and check which blogs would work best for you and your niche.

9. Selling is just half the battle

With digital marketing, selling items is just part of the overall business. You’ll also have to learn how engage with your customers online.

Engage here doesn’t mean you start a word war with them – on the contrary, engagement means getting them to comment, share, retweet, repost, or put in some positive words about your brand with reviews.

Make sure to ask for your customer’s feedback and opinions, or perhaps get some microinfluencers to test your product or service.

Getting them to buy your product is one thing. It’s a great thing, for sure. But building trust around your brand is an entire thing altogether.

10. Measure your results.

“Data is the new oil”, they say. And in this age of digital transformation and eCommerce, they’re right.

Nowadays, digital online advertising platforms like Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Instagram for Business, Amazon, and more have metrics that you can use as your key performance indicators. You can utilize this data to check how you’re engaging with your potential customers, spot any weakness, and strengthen your campaigns. Use your data to grow.


Digital marketing will prove to be a great way of promoting your startup. But it will be even doubly effective if you have a great brand. Make sure to cover all the bases before venturing to promote your startup out in the open.

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      If you have small, medium to large business or your are just
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        If you have small, medium to large business or your are just
        starting something new, let us know so we can help you scale!

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