Best Social Media Monitoring and Research Tools in 2020

One of the main tasks of social media marketing teams is to find out in real time how their target audience is responding or interacting with the strategy and content they put out. 

This is a huge task that would need accurate measurement for it to be a source of good information that can be used to further each campaign, improve bad spots, and solidify existing strategies. 

Good thing then that there are many monitoring tools available for you online – some of them are even absolutely freeAnd so, we did a roundup of the best social listening tools you can use today. These are listed in no particular order because each one can work well with different workflows. 

1. Twitter Analytics

Before using different third party apps to measure the analytics of your Twitter account, there is a native analytics platform that can measure your account performance.

You can use Twitter Analytics to understand your audience and see what you can do to provide them with content they will be happy to interact with.

2. Facebook Analytics

The same goes for this social media giant. It has a lot of stats that can be useful to anyone who wants to better understand what to do next for their brand.

Facebook Analytics is great for understanding how people interact with your brand and business. You can also set it up to measure the performance of your website as well using Facebook Pixel.

3. Instagram Business Tool

There’s no denying it, Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to promote and build brand awareness. If you just want to focus on Instagram, you don’t need to leave the platform to see the analytics.

Instagram Insights is available for all devices so you don’t need to worry about compatibility. You can find the data useful in editing and improving your strategy.

4. YouTube Analytics

Everyone wants to put out a video that will be the next trending topic. While that still remains to be something yet to be discovered, you can pull data from YouTube Analytics to find what your audience would love to watch on your channel.

It has comprehensive data you can easily find and use for your content plan, strategy, and video ideas.

5. Awario

Awario is a fairly new entry in the plethora of available social listening today. It distinguishes itself from the competition by being a powerful web search mechanism designed to be used by businesses.

It has been reviewed by Social Media Examiner and they said that it is a great tool for listening as well as lead generation.

You can get insights on your customers, market, and competitors. So it’s an all-in-one marketing tool. You can start with a free trial and move on to three levels of premium accounts. They also have a cancel any time policy.

6. Social Mention

Here’s something Niel Patel mentioned over at his website. Social Mention is a simple and straight to the point social listening web app anyone can use. It aggregates information from social media channels into one stream so that you don’t need to look for them in the page.

You can track the movement of your brand across the social media landscape. You can also get daily alerts for your keywords.

7. Mention

This social media monitoring tool leverages brands by tracking brand, competitor, or industry topic which can be used to compare and analyze online conversations. These insights can also be used to create content.

Mention has helped big brands like AirBnb, Spotify, and Microsoft. It has also partnered with HubSpot for projects to improve chances of brands being seen on Instagram.

8. AgoraPulse

A list of social media monitoring tools will not be complete without looking at the ones that have been used at the inception of social listening.

While not the first, AgoraPulse paved the way for better and social media management. You can schedule your post and measure the success and interaction on it. Reports can also be downloaded so that you can get more from your strategies and actions.

What’s best about this is that it has a built-in CRM which you can use to track your followers. It has plenty more options for you to use so getting a paid account will be a worthwhile investment.

9. Keyhole

Hashtags are one of the things that has made social media even more appealing to audiences and brands. Anyone can create their hashtags on Instagram and Twitter and then make it their own.

Keyhole allows people and brands to automate your posts and track relevant keywords and hashtags so that you know how people react and use them. It also has analytics where you can derive insights to help you plan your content and strategy.

The company is marketed toward agencies, NGOs, and media outfits but can still be used by brands who want a good tool for social media listening.

10. Brandwatch

If data and analytics is at the core of your strategy, then Brandwatch is going to be your favorite tool.

It is well known for precise and real-time analytics and they showcase it in easy to read and understand format. For starters, you can collaborate with them and utilize their image recognition software, data about your audience, and trending topics relevant to your brand.

It has a lot to offer to anyone who loves to see in depth data they can use for future endeavors.

11. Digimind

Artificial Intelligence technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. It has been an indispensable tool for digital marketers for providing analytics and data. Digimind is an example of a company that utilized this technology.

Using AI and their service, you can measure and benchmark any data for quick comparison and deep insight to how your audience interacts with you on social media.

12. Tweet Reach

If you want something better than Twitter Analytics, get a service dedicated measuring and listening to your audience. This is where Tweet Reach comes in.

You can use it to schedule and post your content and monitor data in real time. This may have a bit of a learning curve but anyone who will use this will find a lot of insights for their future content and strategies.

13. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the most well-known digital marketing services around. They have been serving brands and companies for about a decade now and they are not stopping.

The thing that separates them from the pack is the intuitive and easy to navigate features they have on their dashboard. Another thing to note is the effortless integration of their services with your social media accounts.

14. Simply Measured

Sprout Social acquired Simply Measured in 2017. They said that it is because the service provided “full-funnel” analytics. It provided social teams with relevant information they can use for better understanding of the audience and making new strategies that speak to them.

15. Brand24

You can do a lot with Brand24. Among these is to track where your brand is mentioned, how people are discussing you, marketing analytics, check your influence score, and some more.

It is one of the more popular services around today. You can start your 14-day free trial and then upgrade to premium accounts.

16. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck has been one of the go-to web apps of many social and public relations teams. You can customize it to your preference and easily find what you’re looking for. With it, you can also manage multiple accounts so you don’t have to log out to switch to another one.

17. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a powerful analytics tool that can provide teams and users with a wide range of data and insight to nail the right content and strategy to win your audience.

It began as an Instagram analytics tool and has since expanded into a full-blown social media monitoring app.

18. Tailwind

Tailwind focuses on Instagram and Pinterest. Now that may have caught you off guard for a second. Pinterest is still a good social media platform and with the right data and strategy, it can prove to be one of your secret weapons to success.

You can use Tailwind for scheduling and seeing data for these two channels. You can also connect with their pool of influencers to give your brand a boost.

19. Union Metrics

This is another full-service social media monitoring and research tool you can use. Union Metrics allows you to analyze profiles, track and find keywords, collate reports, and create analysis and research that will prove beneficial to your campaigns.

20. Nuvi

Nuvi specializes in real-time social listening across all platforms. While not as famous as other tools, it is steadily growing its reputation as a reliable analytics tool.

You can monitor insights and get alerts for the latest happening in your brand and how your audience interacts with your campaigns.

21. Brandwatch Customer Research

Brandwatch Consumer Research claims to be the most powerful listening platform in the world. It may very well be true because they have data from over 100 million sources and over a trillion posts analyzed. Gathering useful data for them may be a walk in the park.

22. Buzzsumo

Most digital marketers know Buzzsumo. It doesn’t just track, it can also be a means to automate your processes and improve your campaigns and strategies. You can also utilize other features so that you can further improve your content.

One of the best features of this service is the ability to get alerts on the latest news or post about your brand.

23. Talkwalker

The main goal of Talkwalker is to uncover valuable insights from conversational data. They do this by using a powerful software that enables the brands to get the most out of their service.

They also utilize artificial intelligence to mark and find the most relevant data for their clients.

24. BoardReader

BoardReader is a feed aggregator pretty much like Google. This can be utilized for researching keywords and other information about how people talk and use your brand in their own content.

25. HowSociable

Last but not the least is HowSociable. They prioritize teaching and making teams competent through the proper knowledge and understanding of how to use social media to leverage their brands.

But they do offer services for social media research and listening so that alongside growing your skills, you can immediately apply what you learned using real time data gathered from their service.


Listening to what audiences say about your brand and how they use it in their daily conversation is one of the best ways to find out how you fit in their lifestyle. Having the right tool will help you analyze and strategize your content and next plan on building your relationship with them.

There is no one social media monitoring tool that can do everything you need, yet. Plenty is still to be seen over the horizon which makes social media marketing all the more exciting.

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      If you have small, medium to large business or your are just
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