Strategic Partnership Announcement: Influence Vibes and Manpower Group

August 26, 2020 – Sofia, Bulgaria

In recent years Employer Branding and Human Resources become a leading part of any marketing strategy for business development and growth. In response to the fast-moving and highly competitive market, business operations have to grow the internal team’s potential accordingly to the growth of business opportunities and scale, revenue, and profits.

Related to it, Influence Vibes is taking a strategic step forward together with our new partnership agreement with Manpower Group, one of the largest HR Solution providers in the world.

The partnership aims to deliver new out of the box services to companies focused in expanding their operations through marketing, employer branding and increase the number of quality talents for their business.

Influence Vibes and Manpower partnership focus will be dedicated of improving business marketing operations, increase employer branding awareness, improve sourcing and recruitment process and deliver temporary replacement of internal marketing team members.

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Sofia, Bulgaria


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