What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Why Should You Care?

You may have heard of PPC from some other article on the internet, or you may have heard it from a seminar you once attended.

You also might have said:

“PPC…who? Sounds complicated. And EXPENSIVE! Never mind.”

Well, we’re here to tell you that a response like that would be a HUGE MISTAKE.

What is PPC anyway?

PPC, or pay-per-click is a form of digital advertising where you pay for space on a particular search engine’s page.

PPC sample

You then pay the owner of the webspace or search engine page for every time your ad is clicked, thus the term “pay-per-click”. However, most platforms and advertisers set a bid for clicks, especially if the keyword you’re trying to target is popular.

Rule of thumb: the more popular a keyword is, the more expensive it is.

With a well-thought out PPC advertising campaign, you may turn one click into a huge sale, using this method would be an absolute no-brainer.

How Can You Start with PPC?

The most common and popular platform for PPC is through search-engine marketing (SEM). In fact, SEM was once synonymous with coming up for a PPC campaign. However, today, you have a ton options from different providers.

Some of the most popular include Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Advertising, and more. The platform you choose would depend on your product or service.

1. STEP 1: Choosing a platform

You will usually need an app or website that you can promote. Want to strengthen your website’s presence?Google or Bing should be the way to go. Are you trying to create a resounding social media following? Go for Facebook ads. If you’re selling a particular product, then Amazon should be your platform of choice (or any other e-commerce platform that’s popular in YOUR country).

You can then sign-up with the platform, enter your payment information, and then create your campaign.

STEP 2: Set up a campaign

Setting up a campaign should be an easy affair nowadays, since most of these ad platforms offer an intuitive interface that allows you to understand how you’ll be advertising and how much you’re gonna spend.

STEP 3: Monitor your results

As your campaign begins to run, you will be afforded with some tools to monitor its performance. You can then adjust your campaign demographics or target audiences, increase or decrease your budget, or start another campaign to complement the existing one should you choose to do so.

What are the Benefits of PPC

Pay-per-click marketing and advertising hits all parts of your campaign in different way. Apart from benefiting your business, it benefits a lot of your potential customers. Let’s see why.

  • For Your Customers and Searchers

As PPC leverages a lot on search engines, this becomes one of the best platforms for advertising, as your searchers wouldn’t actually mind getting advertised to, especially if the searcher is actively looking for the service or product you’re providing.

For many, PPC is just as effective, if not more effective than billboard marketing, simply because it is targeting the proper audience – at a lower cost.

  • For Marketers’ Clients

Needless to say, PPC provides a unique and effective way that your clients can put a message in front of an audience who is actively LOOKING FOR YOU. The best part of this is that your clients can actually measure the performance of your ads, since the platforms offer analytics as well.

Is PPC worth it?

Short answer? Yes. It’s absolutely worth it.

PPC has such an incredible value that it’s considered as the most popular form of advertising today.

Advertisers are spending more than HALF their budgets on Google, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to engage potential customers with PPC. Even small businesses are in the act, with over 45% already using this advertising method.

Just like in most advertising campaigns, PPC isn’t just a one-time deal to reap your rewards – you will have to work hard, testing and optimizing your ads, to know which ones work and which ones don’t.

If you’re still not convinced, you’ll find a hefty list of statistics for PPC utilization here.

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      If you have small, medium to large business or your are just
      starting something new, let us know so we can help you scale!

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        If you have small, medium to large business or your are just
        starting something new, let us know so we can help you scale!

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