Why you should outsource your marketing in Bulgaria?

Over the last few years, Bulgaria has grown into one of the most progressive outsourcing destinations in Europe, with the industry bringing almost 6% of the GDP of the country in 2019, equivalent to a little more than €2.7 billion.

According to global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney, Bulgaria’s strength lies in its strategic location, solid infrastructure, and stable political and economic system. 

Additionally, the firm also described the region as a ‘top location for IT centres, providing services for many multinational companies as well as domestic ones’.

These facts prove that Bulgaria is home to a vastly different business landscape than the ones found in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and others, where businesses are regularly faced with challenges such as high rates, governmental tax fees, and other unreasonable bills that hinder you from focusing on being productive and cost efficient.

Factors like these pave the way for businesses to outsource their marketing departments to Bulgaria, which is much more reasonable for the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of their operations in the long run.

Capital Fort

More reasons for outsourcing in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has been a leading global market for the outsourcing industry for several reasons:

  • It is home to a highly qualified workforce, with various qualified IT professionals and engineers
  • Over 85% of students study English and over half of the population are multilingual 
  • It is conveniently located at the very heart of Europe, just 2 hour flights away from every major capital in the region


Outsourcing in Bulgaria has become a very attractive venture for enterprises of all sizes. It has become one of the largest start-up hubs in the world, attracting investors such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, KPMG, VMware, Sap, and Salesforce, generating hundreds and thousands of qualified employees in the country.

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is rapidly adapting to this growth. In 2020, it is host to one of the best business zones in Central Eastern Europe, with various sites and IT parks dedicated for new investments, particularly concerning the outsourcing industry.

Another key reason to outsource your marketing team in Bulgaria is the cost-effective means to do so. Currently, the country has the lowest tax rates in the EU with only 10% corporate tax and 20% VAT, making it a clear, competitive choice for business and investments, including outsourcing services.

What can Influence Vibes do for you

As a premiere B2B and B2C Digital Marketing Agency in Bulgaria, our focus is to meet your expectations in bringing customer growth and profit to businesses while ensuring that everything is done in the most cost-effective manner.

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110 994 sq km

Population icon


7 025 037

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Othe Major Citys:

Varna, Bugras, Plovdiv

Currency icon


Bulgarian Lev

Parliamentary Republic icon

Form of Government:

Parliamentary Republic

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EUR 29.9 billions

Labour Force icon

Labour Force

3.326 milion people

dollar icon

GDP per capital:

EUR 7.842

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Corporate tax:10%;
VAT: 20%

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GDP Reak Annual

Growth Rate

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Average Annual Inflation icon

Average Annual Inflation:


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EUR 1.744 billions

Average Monthly Wage icon

Average Monthly Wage:

EUR 574

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      If you have small, medium to large business or your are just
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        If you have small, medium to large business or your are just
        starting something new, let us know so we can help you scale!

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